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Reciprocal Links Exchange, PR4 links

We know how important is to exchange links with content related websites. Cuba Destino Caribe is a PR4 site that welcomes other webmasters with the same content as ours to request a reciprocal link exchange from us. As you know the link exchange process is beneficial for both parties to increase the ranking in Search Engine.

We request the conditions below for a link exchange.

1. Your Website homepage should be PR 4 or more.
2. Link exchange request with websites under PR4 will only be taken if you accept to display our logo in your homepage.
3. The type of site should be travel related (including Hotels, Flights, Car Rental, tours, etc.) Any other sites will be revised by our team and accepted or declined.
4. The page where our link will be displayed should be at one click from your home page.

Just send a message indicating your URL, the description of your website (up to 160 characters) and the URL where you will place our link. Our staff will revise your request and will send you acceptance for the exchange within a short time.


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