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Known as the city of the bridges, and also as the Athens of Cuba due to the cultural splendor enjoyed by its inhabitants during the 19th Century, Matanzas is privileged by the proximity of Varadero and the magnificent beaches found there and the greatness of its Bellamar caves. In Matanzas province places like Playa Giron, Bay of Pigs, La Boca in Guama ,where the Cuban crocodiles are kept in a breeding reserve, are obliged visiting sites for those who not only enjoy beach but nature. Montemar National park is an ideal place for the bird watching lovers.

Matanzas province

The city of Matanzas (founded in 1693), also known as the city of the bridges the are a complement of the urban area, is also known as the Athens of Cuba due to the cultural splendor enjoyed by its inhabitants during the 19th Century The city is located around the bay of Matanzas , an open bay that has an important industrial activity . Matanzas is also known for the popular caves of Bellamar, with almost 2 kilometers of spaces most of it artificially lighted. The ruins of the Triunvirato sugar mill; and the Canímar River, with its quiet waters whose limits are marked by an exuberant vegetation,are also part of the charms of the city of Matanzas, also on the way to f Havana City Yumurí Valley is found offering a magnificent view of the cuban typical landscapes .To stop at the Bacunayagua lookout point is a must for those traveling between Matanzas and Havana. To the south side Matanzas territory, the Great Natural Park of Montemar is located. Ciénaga de Zapata is the Reserve of the Biosphere,where birdwatchers and nature lovers find the best places and locations for their ecological activities and nature tourism also there are places historical places like the Museum for the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 or places where to go for an open sea and caves diving . Just 35 Km East of Matanzas City , Varadero Beach resort is found.This resort has become the most important spot for tourists and those beach lovers. Varadero is considered to be the best beach resort in Cuba, even though there are other marvelous ones such as Cayo Coco, Santa Lucia, and Cayo Largo, etc, Varadero is still considered among the best beaches of the world. Varadero is a 27 Km long peninsula, located to the north central area of the Cuban Island. And it was discovered as a beach resort after 1945, when the wealthy Americans and Europeans could not go to the European beaches due to the destruction that war had left behind. Nowadays Varadero is one of the most developed areas in the country, with the nicest hotels and a wide range of services offered to the visitors. Most hotels in Varadero at the moment are run by foreign hotel companies, this has helped Cuba gaining experience and know how in the hotel administration business.