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aLa Habana, the capital of Cuba.

La Habana

Being the Cuban capital city, La Habana is one of those charming places that a person never forgets. Visiting the Old Havana, Miramar or El Vedado is important for those interested in understanding the Cuban history and the colonial architecture that have turned this city into a World Heritage site. Do not miss the opportunity of visiting the museums and the Havana cigars factories.

La Habana Cuba

La Habana is the capital city of the country, with a total extension of 740 square kilometres, its population being more than 2 million inhabitants; La Habana is the smallest city of the country with the largest population. After several attempts to establish the city in an area located in the south coast of now a days Havana, the definite settlement took place around the harbor, where now a days we find Old Havana, by the year 1519. La Habana became a very important port for Spain due to its geographical position in the Gulf of Mexico. All ships sailing back to Spain, after collecting the gold and silver that the colonies were due to tribute to the metropolis, had to stop in the bay of Havana in order to get all kinds of provisions, water, salted meat, etc. This brought about a quick flourishing of the city and a great development to its economy and culture. There are masterpieces of architecture dating as far as the 16th century that can be admired still in our days, all around the colonial area you will find beautiful and amazing buildings, some of them not well kept at all, but still beautiful. We invite you to go and see its treasures, since 1982 Old Havana was declared as part of the World’s Heritage by UNESCO, . The cars from the 1950's, the atmosphere that you find in the streets, the bars that Hemingway went to, the music, the dancing everywhere, will take you back in time and let you enjoy a unique experience.