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Location and size of Cuba

Cuba Location and size of Cuba

Find here information about the Cuban lifestyle, the important aspects of this country's history, its conquering and colonization, its climate, and general information about food and drink, health and vaccinations, shopping, safety, language and currencies, ecology tourism, location and size, foreign embassies in Cuba, passport information nightlife, Havana, Pinar del Rio, Santiago, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, News on Cuba, Varadero, Cayo Largo among others. A list of links to recommend informative sites about Cuba. The Cuba Destino Caribe Team has prepared and compiled as much information as possible about Cuba so that our customers will have the possibility of making better travel plans and selection of the destinations they are willing to visit whilst in this beautiful island.

Cuba Location and size of Cuba

Cuba, known as the largest of the Caribbean islands, stretches to a length of 1,250 Km in a crocodile formation that goes from East to West in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cuba calmly rests in crystal waters that shares with well known destinations that include, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Florida coastline.

Tararaco is its widest point with 191 Km of this narrow island and it’s the 15th world’s largest island.

With a population of about 11 million, there’s plenty of space on Cuba’s beachfronts for tourists and locals to enjoy, the island has a breathtaking 5,760 Km of coast with many magnificent white stretches of beautiful sand that together with approximately 4,000 offshore islands make Cuba an ideal location for sun worshippers and scuba diving enthusiasts.

If that is not enough, Cuba has plenty of historic places and museums in cities like Havana with its Museums and Squares or Trinidad and Guardalavaca Resort.

Traveling to Cuba is becoming easier and more popular, with airlines increasing the number of flights to the island.