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CUBA Food and Drink

Cuba Food and Drink

The resorts and hotels we have selected, offer holidaymakers a choice of meal plans from Bed & Breakfast to Super All Inclusive.

Cuba Food and Drink

Most of the meal plans are based on an excellent buffet style menu with a tasty selection of well-presented international cuisine. Restaurants where holidaymakers can sample the delights of a French or Italian are also found around hotels not to mention the traditional food restaurants and the newborn Paladares, which are family restaurants where visitors enjoy their meals in local’s houses converted into 12 seats restaurants.

Traditional Cuban food is not as spicy as other cuisine in the region, such as Jamaican or Mexican food. This is because of the Spanish influence in which food is flavored with garlic, onions, sweet peppers, and cumin. You may find this Creole food quite high in fat.

Rice or rice and beans accompany the main meat dish, a green salad and fried banana chips together with the Cuban delicacies like Yuca con Mojo; boiled cassava root soaked in hot garlic oil and Tamal; ground maize sometimes with pork meat boiled in a packet made from the leaf. Cerdo Asado; roasted pork, especially spit roasted is famous in the countryside. Congris; rice cooked with black beans and seasoning Tostones; platano (banana) in chips, must be served hot! And for dessert do not forget the delicious Helado (Ice cream) or Mermelada con Queso; guava marmalade with cheese, discover this delicious combination of flavors!

A visit to Cuba is an inevitable invitation to sample the Cuban Rum is part of the Cuba’s colorful history and can be found in abundance. Many colourful cocktails have been invented here including the Daiquiri and the world famous Cuba Libre and Mojitos. If it is coffee you need, Cuban coffee is good, strong and dark.

You can drink the water in Cuba but it is recommended that you purchase bottled water, which is available throughout the island in hotels and resorts.