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Conquering and Colonization of Cuba.

Cuba Conquering and Colonization of Cuba

Christopher Colombus landed in Cuba in 1492 but it was not until 1510 that the process of Conquering and Colonization of Cuba began.

The conquering and colonization of Cuba started with with the foundation of the first seven villas with spanish nationals and local natives.

Cuba Conquering and Colonization of Cuba

The conqueror of the island was Diego Velazquez in 1510, also founder of the first seven villas, which in chronological order were founded as follows:

  • Villa de Nuestra Señora de Baracoa ( Baracoa )
  • Villa de San Salvador de Bayamo. (Bayamo)
  • Villa de Santiago de Cuba
  • Villa de la Santisima Trinidad. (Trinidad)
  • Villa de Sancti Spiritus
  • Villa de Nuestra Señora del Puerto del Principe (Camaguey)
  • Villa de San Cristobal de la Habana.

Santiago de Cuba was the first capital city of the country but due to the economical importance that Havana earned in the 17th century, the title of capital was awarded to Havana in 1556 and the Captain General of the Island moved to Havana.

Cuban history is continuously marked by wars for independence, first from the Spanish colonizers in the 19th century and later on during the first half of the 20th century the battles for liberation, against different regimes imposed by the United States, this wars finished in 1959 with the triumph of the revolution led by Fidel Castro.

Cuba is increasingly one of the most popular holiday destinations and this is no surprise to people who have been in the island before, the Cuban locals are hugely friendly and give a warm welcome to all every visitor, and it is not only the locals who make you Cuba Easy Travel package a special one.

The warmth of the local people, the intrinsic culture, the magnificent beaches and the tropical surroundings of the perpetual summer found in Cuba; create the magic atmosphere that you can only enjoy in this fascinating island.