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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to find a doctor or to buy basic prescribed drugs or medicines in Cuba?

It is very easy to find a doctor in Cuba. If you have any health problem that requires a specific medicine, we suggest that you bring with you because the standards of the Cuban drug for the treatment of you affection might not match the standards of the one you physician prescribed to you in your country. For general spontaneous problems that may arise, there are pharmacies where the medicines prescribed by the Cuban doctors can be found.

Can the hotel baby seat my children at nights?

Yes, this service is to be requested and paid directly in the hotel. In most of the hotels the services like laundry and babysitting are requested to the chambermaid and she makes the coordination for you.

Are there poisoning animals in Cuba?

No, there are no poisoning animals like snakes or spiders that may kill a person although there are insects and others that their bites may cause affections like allergic reactions, fever, itching or the swelling of the affected area of the body. In case of any insect bites, we recommend to visit a doctor for a prescription or treatment. For clients staying in beach properties, we recommend the use of any mosquitoes repellent mainly for the evening outdoor activities.

How about electricity in Cuba?

The most common system voltage found in Cuba is 110 volts although some hotels have a dual system and they indicate in which outlet they have 220 volts, we consider advisable to ask if the outlet is 110 or 220 volts before plugging any device in. It is recommended to bring with you a flat pin adaptor for the connection of any device you may bring with you.

What type of money shall I use in Cuba?

You may bring any currency but you will be requested to pay with CUC ( Cuban Convertible Pesos) for any services that you receive in Cuban Territory. Although most of the foreign currencies are accepted they are only accepted in Banks Hotel Desks or Currency Exchange Houses (CADECA) so you will need to exchange your money into CUC. We suggest that you bring either GBP, EUROS or US dollars or any other well know hard currency and it will be better if you would use small nominations like 5´s, 10´s and 20´s rather that 50´s or 100´s for which they may ask for your passport at certain places before accepting them for exchange. Mayor credit cards like Visa or MasterCard are also accepted as well as traveler cheques. Credit cards or cheques issued by US banks will not be accepted in most of the Cuban banks.
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What type of clothes shall I pack for my trip to Cuba?

Lightweight clothing is recommended in Cuba and the usual standard of dress around the island is casual. Linen and cotton garments are ideal and it would be advisable to take a light jacket and a warm pullover for the evening. When you get to your holiday destination, the hotel resort or staff can advise you if there is any dress code. For example many of the hotels do not allow shorts in the restaurant area .Be prepare and take a few items of smart but casual evening items.
We also recommend that you take your camera films, cosmetics, mosquito’s repellent and toiletry requirements with you these items can be in short supply and they can also be expensive. Essentially take plenty of sun cream, sunglasses and good walking shoes.

Do I need medical insurance to enter in Cuba ?

It is mandatory that every visitor has a travel insurance policy to enter in Cuba. we can offer Travel Insurance not only to Cuba but to the rest of the world at very economic prices with high coverage. Please contact us for further information.

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How to book a flight form Cayo Coco to Havana ?

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