Cuba Destino Caribe

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to enter in Cuba?

Yes all the persons will need a valid visa or a tourist card to enter into Cuba, those are issued and sold either by the Cuban Consulate in your country or by any authorized travel agent . We can send a Visa or Tourist Card to your postal address in regular mail for EUROS 30.00 each, to receive a certified mail you will need to add EUROS 5.00 per postal mail.

How about my passport?

You will also need a valid passport with an expiration date of 6 months after your planned departure from Cuba.

How do I get to Cuba?

It is possible to get to Cuba via any of the Airlines that have direct flights from many capitals of the world to the Cuban major cities like Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin and Varadero among others. There are also entry points in the Cuba harbors that receive Cruise ships like Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos or Havana or at the different international marinas like Marina Hemingway in Havana which is a free port for those traveling in their own ships. We can book any international flights for you, just contact us for deatils.

Is there any tax to be paid in Cuba?

Yes, there is an airport tax payable on departure for international flights .The amount to be paid at the airport is US $25.00.

Is it possible to travel to a third destination from Cuba?

Yes it is possible to visit some Caribbean islands and also Mexican destinations from Cuba. The trips can be arranged once in Cuba or via Cuba Destino Caribe sales department . We can provide outbound flight tikets from Cuba to any destination.

Is it safe to drink the tab water in Cuba?

Although it is safe and most of the Cubans take this water without problems , you may not like the taste and your body may not be in use to it. We recommend that you drink mineral botled water which is easily found in any Cuban shop.

And the food is it spicy and hot like Mexican?

No, it is not. The Cuban food basic ingredients for the meals are garlic, onions , aromatic herbs and other spices but which are not hot although you may request those ingredients to be added to any dish in a restaurant.

Is it safe to walk at nights?

Cuba is a very safe country and is is possible to walk at nights. Destino Caribe simply recommends the clients to use their common sense whilst in Cuba and if walking at nights do it in main roads and well lighted places . Although it is safe, bag snatching may happen mainly in the major populated cities like Havana or Santiago de Cuba. We suggest that if you are out, leave your valuable s in the hotel’s safety deposit box and take only the necessary for the day.

Are the beaches safe?

Yes the Cuban beaches are very safe for adults and children who enjoy them of course under the supervision of an adult .In Cuba beaches are public properties so you may find many tourist from other nationalities and resorts as well as locals so please do not leave things unattended on the sand. If there is a bad weather mainly in winter time , the sea turns a bit rough and the life guards post flags on the sand , if the flags are red , please do not swim in the ocean , yellow flags mean bath wit caution green flag or no flags means free bathing. We also recommend being careful with large exposures to the sun without using solar protection lotions or creams.

Are there any handicapped facilities in Cuban Hotels?

Yes, most hotels have rooms for handicapped and disabled persons but we suggest that you request the services so that we can check with the hotels and prevent them before your arrival.